Trans* & LGBQIA Ally Training

Trans, Gender Expansive, and LGBQIA+ Ally

General Training Info

“There was so much more than I knew existed.” Roselle, Bayer Inc.

Are you are interested in helping to create safe and life affirming work, and community spaces for your LGBTQIA+ co-workers, partners, funders, clients/patrons and students?

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Sharing personal stories, and group learning activities, are what make my training, powerful, insightful and fun! Whether you host me solo, or with members of my team; your group will walk away more knowledgeable and inspired to support diversity within your organization and beyond!

“Fresh! “Lev” White created a welcoming and safe environment allowing our community to connect and learn together with ease. The topics we covered are complex and Lev helped us to keep the basic tenets clear and accessible. We deeply appreciated his work and are grateful we could share with our teachers and staff!” ~ Emily Roth, Sales and Program Director I Love Namaste – 2018

If you are looking for customized and engaging cultural training to support you and your teams in being an ally for these communities. My workshops present basic through advanced information including; defining terminology, information on some of the health risks around bullying, identifying discriminatory conduct, while offing suggestions and education on current CA, laws and protections for this community.

You will have an opportunity to see and experience some of the challenges, and successes our communities face while attain tools to for your personal understanding, as well as, deepen your professional and community member ally ship. There will also be an opportunity to ask clarifying questions directly to our presenter(s).

By participating in this workshop you will:

  • Attain an understanding of how to be better ally
  • Walk away with resources to help further your learning post workshop
  • Shift from making assumptions, to asking clarifying questions in respectful ways
  • Learn a bit of history about the roots of transgender and gender expansive discrimination, and debunk some myths
  • Ensure your organization is providing access based on state and local laws
  • Hear live or recorded voices from a panel of speakers about their life experiences

ThumbTacPink 7.2015 Fresh “Lev” White is a Certified Life and Mindfulness Coach, writer, speaker, and facilitator. He is a contributing author to Trans Bodies Trans Selves, a health, legal and cultural resource guide for service providers and members of the trans* community. Lev has independently facilitated over 250 LGBTQ2IA talks and trainings in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2003 at institutions and corporations including UCSF, UC Santa Cruz, the East Bay and Spirit Rock Meditation Centers, the Oakland Museum of CA, Bayer Inc., Yahoo!, several consulting firms, and Namaste Yoga.

In his former role at the SF LGBT Center, Lev, as an Employment Specialist, and in collaboration with the Transgender Law Center, and beyond, Lev has offered over 250 Trans* Competency Trainings for employers, universities, spiritual centers, youth advocacy groups and more.

Lev founded the Bay Area’s first trans* meditation group. Formally on the boards of the San Francisco’s Trans March and Transgender Day of Remembrance, he is currently an active board member of the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) which has provided over 40 years of legal assistance for the Trans and LGBQI community.


Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Woodacre, October 2015: “…Trans* and LGBQ Life Confirming Training for Spirit Rock Staff in October 2015.  We invited all staff to attend; around 40 were present.  We all felt the training was outstanding, ranging from explaining acronyms to sharing deeply personal and life affirming stories.   The training was offered in a sensitive, compassionate but direct and helpful manner.  Staff responded very openly and with a great deal of honesty and vulnerability.  The staff feedback was extremely positive and our community felt more clear and compassionate about how to support and be allies to our Trans* and LGBQ retreat and event participants.

“I highly recommend Fresh! and his colleagues, and wouldn’t hesitate to bring them back for a follow-up or refresher training in the future.”  – Christine Owens, Spirit Rock Manager and Diversity Committee Member


“Dear Lev, On behalf of our staff, I wanted to say how grateful we are for your leadership and facilitation of today’s meeting. I have heard from many staff already how beneficial, needed inspiring and important today felt – and how much they valued hearing about your embodied experiences, your reflections and framing. …it was great to see you, to know we were in good hands and to be a participant in one of your trainings! With deep appreciation and gratitude. Wendi Deetz, HR, Global Fund for Women – 2018


Yahoo!, Santa Clara, CA “We especially appreciated the candid discussion our staff had with the panel. The speakers were charismatic and we appreciated their responses to our questions. Fresh’s workshops are invaluable.” David Reiley, Scientist,


Namaste Yoga, Oakland Teachers in Training, Oakland, November 2015: “Thank you so much for bringing your ally training to our group. We were honored to have you and your expertise, and experience. I hope to work together again. In Gratitude.” – Komeko Shibata, Yoga|Ayurveda|Massage|Aerials


University of California, Santa Cruz, December 2014 & 15: “It was truly a breathtaking experience.  I am so grateful to you and your colleagues for creating such a space and that I was able to share it.  College 10 is so very lucky.  You all are an inspiration!” – Lené Whitley-Putz, PhD, Lecturer, The Writing Program, University of California, Santa Cruz


JFK University, Oakland, July & August 2015: “The students and staff really enjoyed your presentation. It was just what we needed.” – Debra Sheppard Center Director, OCCC JFK University


Glide Memorial Church, San Francisco, January, 2015: “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Your work with us and our residents means so much. We thank you for helping inform us all!” Glide Community Housing Staff


College of Marin, Marin, September 2013: “Looking at it as a “movement” towards everyone being better, more open and loving people, expanded my views and made me bring both what I understand and what I don’t to the surface of my mind. Yay for authentic humans!”  – Jenna Tomsky, Human Sexuality Student, College of Marin


San Francisco LGBT Speaker’s Bureau, 2002 – Present “Fresh! White has been a Speaker and Diversity Trainer with the San Francisco Speakers Bureau since 2002. Fresh! has touched hundreds of students with his authenticity, sense of humor, charisma, and knowledge. When Fresh! is at the front of the room as a co-facilitator, speaker, or panelist, audiences and participants feel comfortable listening to and/or participating in discussions about how, when we are all accepted and respected, it is possible for us to live richer, fuller lives.” McLellan Leigh, Retired, SF Speaker’s Bureau Director

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Sample List of Clients

Airbnb, San Francisco • Bayer Inc, Berkeley • Bioneers Conference, Marin • Dandelion Chocolate, San Francisco • East Bay Agency for Children, Hayward • East Bay Bike, Oakland • East Bay Meditation Center, Oakland • Fred Finch Youth Services, Oakland • Genentech, South San Francisco • Github, Global  •Glide Memorial, San Francisco • Global Fund for Women, San Francisco • Human Rights Commission, San Francisco • Indiegogo, San Francisco • Insight LA, Los Angeles • Just Media, National • McKinsey & Co., San Francisco • Museum of Ice Cream, San Francisco • Namaste Yoga, San Francisco Bay Area • Niroga Center, Oakland • Oakland Museum Of CaliforniaThe Pacific Center, Concord •  Paradigm IQ Consulting, San Francisco • Pieter Studios, Los Angeles • Ritual Coffee, San Francisco • SF Public Library System SF Zen CenterSee the Girl, Jacksonville •  Slalom Consulting, San Francisco • Sony Music, New York • Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Woodacre • Standford University, Stanford • SoulPlay Festival, USA • The Boston Consulting Group, San Francisco • UC Santa CruzUC DavisWaldorf School, San Pablo • Yahoo! Santa Clara


Global Fund for Women, Global/SF “Dear Lev, I want to say how grateful we are for your leadership and facilitation of today’s meeting. I have heard from many staff already how beneficial, needed inspiring and important today felt – and how much they valued hearing about your embodied experiences, your reflections and framing. …it was great to see you, to know we were in good hands and to be a participant in one of your trainings! With deep appreciation and gratitude. ~ Wendi Deetz, HR

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