MEETING THIS MOMENT: Supporting Respectful & Creative Engagement in the Workplace

Diversity Heart

“Diversity: The art of thinking differently together.” Malcolm Forbes

We are extensions of our universe, which is where our diversity and brilliance come from. Together we can create a world that values everyone, and especially ourselves.


Now includes more discussion on both Race & Gender

Like sarcasm or passive aggressive language, microaggressions are woven into the fabric of how we communicate consciously, and unconsciously, in and out of the workplace. We witness it in media where it’s okay to be bias of others. We grow up with unconscious bias’s and inherit language learned from our families, schools, and communities that can cause unintentional and intentional harm. Microaggressions wreak havoc on our personal relationships and professional performance; dampening productivity and affecting the bottom line of our organizations; impacting financial success.

This engaging training is designed to help your staff see though their biases to their team members as individuals who are humans, with sensitivities, flaws, and brilliance as they support each other in achieving the goals of the organization.

~ When we know who we are, can be with ourselves, and all that arises within us. When we know each other, we shine! ~ Lev

MEETING THIS MOMENT: Navigating Race in the Workplace

This workshop offers an opportunity to expand on the Unconscious Bias workshop above by providing safe and separate space for POC and white communities to share, process, vision, and resource themselves for a sustainable and productive work experience. We will share resources for staying healthy and productive in the workplace and beyond.

Sustainability Circles for Black employeesThis conversation combines my work in restorative justice circles with my mediation training, and leadership models I earned at the Coaches Training Institute. (90-120 minutes each.) In addition, I’m offering workshops for all BIPOC, to discover ways to support each other and also strengthen growth and productivity in the workplace.

Introduction to White Ally-ship – This conversation is for anyone who identifies as white. We will provide a trained and experienced white-ally training to support you in your discoveries and shares. This first meeting is 2 hours, with an option to continue for 4 – 8 weeks to deepen your awareness.

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In the moments we acknowledge we are here – we are awake! Be awake more often!

Mindfulness Offerings

Mindfulness builds clarity and fortitude in community work for activists, therapists, lawyers, parents, social workers and all. Being mindful increases our ability to recover from stress, avoid being reactionary, and ultimately be more present and productive in service of your life, family, clients and teams. Offerings include: Mindful Leadership Coaching, Mindfulness for Community Warriors, and Mindful Tools and Play for Adults Supporting Youth, please email: for more information.

For questions about these services,

“Dear Lev, on behalf of our staff, I wanted to say how grateful we are for your leadership and facilitation of today’s meeting. I have heard from many staff already how beneficial, needed inspiring and important today felt – and how much they valued hearing about your embodied experiences, your reflections and framing. …it was great to see you, to know we were in good hands and to be a participant in one of your trainings! With deep appreciation and gratitude. Wendi Deetz, HR, Global Fund for Women


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